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Securing Retirement Outcomes

Securing Retirement Outcomes

SROOur holistic approach to retirement starts by understanding the desired outcomes for both employees and employers — and how achieving one will positively impact the other. We believe this broader view of retirement goals and risks is the best way to design strategies that support individuals’ retirement confidence and help organizations ensure effective workforce and financial management.

As the trend toward self-managed retirement plans brings unintended consequences, Mercer can help employers look beyond short-sighted expense reduction goals and build an effective retirement program for the future — one that successfully manages risk, optimizes benefits expenditure, and empowers employees.

Pension Risk Management — Volatile equity markets, rising PBGC premiums, and increasing life expectancy are just some of the reasons why pension risk is a corporate financial issue. Mercer’s combination of financial expertise on both sides of the balance sheet, innovative tools, and full-service solutions can help plan sponsors seize this window of opportunity to mitigate risks in 2014.

Mitigating Fiduciary Risk — The increasing complexity of managing a retirement plan is rendering many common governance structures inadequate. With industry-leading capabilities, Mercer can help develop a governance roadmap that is right for your firm, or can take a more hands-on role to help you mitigate your fiduciary risk, improve your plan outcomes, and allow you to focus on your core business operations.

Income Adequacy — Without adequate retirement planning, older employees will need to postpone retirement, causing a lopsided shift in workforce demographics and severely impacting overall career path opportunities for younger workers. What can employers do to support their employees’ financial security and protect their talent management strategy?

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