When life throws you an unexpected curve, do you get deflated and hit the ground with a thud or quickly bounce back like a superball? Take this quiz to test your resilience by clicking on the choice that fits you.

During chaotic situations, I stay calm, think logically, and focus on useful actions.

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I don't dwell on losses. I remain optimistic and view challenges as temporary.

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When facing adversity, I share my feelings and seek positive feedback.

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I learn from my mistakes and experiences and adapt quickly to new developments.

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Inquisitive and curious describe me. I'm empathetic and consider other opinions.

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High score, 20 and higher. You're a superball! You tackle challenges head on and can bounce back from just about anything. Your resiliency is fully inflated.

Middle score, 11-19. You're bouncing along okay ... most of the time. You have okay skills, but sometimes your resiliency goes a little flat. Try being more flexible and open to others' points of views.

Low score, 10 and below. Your resiliency ball must have a hole in it. Maybe it's time to check out the "Coping Tips" on the following screen. With practice and a positive outlook, you can learn to bounce back.

Coping tips to bolster resilience

  1. Count your blessings and learn from mistakes.
  2. Laugh every day and help others.
  3. Take care of yourself mentally and physically.

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