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Mercer's approach to employee education involves ongoing strategic communications planning and the implementation of targeted campaigns. Our goal is to give your employees the tools and information they need to make effective investment decisions and prepare for successful retirements. Our organization's history of award-winning education programs reflects our commitment to that goal.

Helping your employees pursue their goals
We will customize your education program in three phases: research, planning, and implementation.

ID kitResearch
Learning as much as we can about your company is the critical first step toward developing an effective, multifaceted education campaign. We will work closely with you to fully understand your company culture, employee demographics, and your goals for your educational program. Initially, we will perform a comprehensive communications audit that will include detailed questions about items such as the effectiveness of past communications efforts (Did attendance at educational meetings meet your expectations?) and employee delivery preferences (Do your employees like to receive information online or via print communications?).

Additionally, we will review literature and analyze plan data provided by you as well as conduct employee surveys and focus groups to determine your employees' specific educational needs.

Once we understand your unique needs, we'll deliver an integrated, creative education plan. We'll work with you to establish goals, determine strategies for communicating across all media, and define measures of success for your educational program. This process will be based entirely on your objectives for the plan.

Following are examples of common education goals:

Communicate plan changes across your organization
Maintain and improve participation rates
Increase deferral rates
Encourage participant diversification of investments
Ensure appropriate participant responses to market events
Your education program will be designed to achieve the specific goals that we identify during the planning stage and to meet your evolving communications needs over the life of your plan. Implementation occurs in three stages:
Getting started Your employees receive communications announcing the change in service provider, the new investment options, and enhancements to their plan.
Enrollment education Personalized enrollment kits are distributed and meetings are held on-site at all of your locations to educate and enroll employees in the plan.
Ongoing education We continue to evaluate employee educational needs, craft customized communications, and conduct targeted workshops to ensure the attainment of your plan goals.
  Measuring success
We recognize the continuous opportunity we have to educate your employees about retirement planning. On an ongoing basis, using your Plan Insight website, and working with your Client Relationship Manager, we can run an array of customized reports to analyze plan data and identify additional opportunities to communicate with and educate your employees. Using this information, we will work to develop targeted campaigns and recommend workshops that can be delivered on-site or via the internet.
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